more sales calls.
more clients.
more impact.

Helping female coaches, consultants  + service-based biz owners to get Booked-Out, Beautifully without spending money on paid ads or a fancy website.

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Learn exactly what you need to do to become magnetic to your ideal clients and become the booked-out bossbabe you were born to be.​


Discover the exact activities that will help you monetize your genius and sell your offer with grace and confidence every single time.


Organize & automate parts of your business so you can create the time + financial freedom you crave while making an incredible impact on the world. #threedayweekends

you have something powerful to share with the world

So why aren't clients kicking down your door to work with you?
Beautiful, I see you...

At this stage, maybe you're even wondering if you're better off trying to find a 'real' job or diving back into to the corporate rat-race because you're just not attracting the clients you need to make that dream lifestyle a reality...

but what if you could be...

what you need is a simple business roadmap to help you generate piping hot leads, sell almost effortlessly + deliver a kick-ass experience to your clients

about me

hello there,
i'm megan chalidis

retail job escapee,
marketing wiz + mindset magician

4 Years ago I escaped my minimum wage retail job in pursuit of entrepreneurship with no degree, no cash + no marketable skills. Fast forward to today and I’ve created a business that allows me to travel the world #hellobali and do what I want – when I want. I’ve had the privilige to have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs from around the world in helping them build killer brands and businesses and I’ve been mentored by 7-figure entrepreneurs who have shared the stages with the likes of Tony Robbins + Brian Tracey  – and the best part is that I’m not even 30 yet.

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ready to get booked-out, beautifully?

Click here to find out about my signature coaching offer - the Booked-Out, Beautifully Experience

real results - real impact

Here are some of the kick-ass results my clients have been able to achieve

These are just a few of the results my clients have been able to achieve. Will you be the next success story?

we'd make a great team if...

+ You’re a coach, consultant, or service-based business owner ready to level-up your income & impact

+ You want to grow your business so you can have the financial freedom you desire but you need an actionable plan and a guide to support you on your journey

+ You are ready to take massive inspired action to make your dreams a reality – even when things get uncomfortable and you’re prepared to do the work to make things happen.

+ You need a custom marketing and sales strategy to help you land clients consistently with grace and ease

+ You have at least 2-3 hours a week to implement the strategies you’ll learn during our time together

i'm not for
you if...

+ You’re looking for a magic bullet and aren’t prepared to take consistent action to grow

+ You aren’t prepared to embrace fear and discomfort and you want to remain stuck in old limiting ‘stories’ and excuses

+ You’re turned off by real business strategy and want to keep playing in the hobbyist space rather than do what’s required to grow a successful, thriving business

+ You’re not prepared to work through the limiting beliefs and habits that are keeping you stuck

+ You’re not willing to let go and trust the process

+ You aren’t prepared to take real action to call in your dream clients and you’re looking for another program to get excited about and then forget about

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