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That supports conscious coaches, healers, and creatives to land more clients so they can create world-changing impact and income.

Soul-Mate Clients

Learn exactly what you need to do every day to call in your soul-mate clients with greater ease and alignment

create abundance

By clearly and confidently sharing your message with the world in a way that showcases your unique value

make an impact

Scale your impact while automating part of the process so you have more time to spend doing what you love

You know that you have what it takes to change the world.

So why aren't clients kicking down your door to work with you?

Beautiful, I see you...

At this stage, maybe you're even wondering if you're better off trying to find a 'real' job because you're just not attracting the clients you need

But what if you could be:

what you need is a conscious business blueprint that will help you to find and land your dream clients consistently - the soul aligned way.

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Discover the steps you need to take to begin calling in your dream clients starting right now without spending a cent on ads or wasting your money on a fancy website.

hello, i'm megan

Just 4 years ago, I left my minimum wage job and set out on an adventure in the pursuit of entrepreneurship. I craved freedom, and, most of all, to work my unique light in the world and follow my soul’s calling. 

With zero startup capital and no degree, I successfully built a heart-led business that allowed me to work from exotic locations like beautiful Bali while making an incredible impact on women just like you. I  claimed my freedom, and so can you!

I’ve had the privilege of supporting over 100 entrepreneurs from around the world in the space of branding, design, marketing, and business and I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s leaders in these spaces, including Donald Miller,  Tony Robbins, Greg Mckeown, Sabri Suby, Kate Gray, Taki Moore, and many more through books, seminars and mentorship. 

I’ve spent years immersing myself in energy healing modalities, the tarot, and various shamanic and tantric practices. My intuition is my super power and my toolbox includes a fusion of cutting-edge brand and marketing strategy fused with ancient wisdom, ceremony, and intuitive practices to help my clients create the abundance they deserve, while embodying their true essence every step of the way. It’s time to own your light and change the world.



Apply for a complimentary strategy call with me where we’ll discover if we’re a good fit


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We’ll work together for 90 days and you’ll leave knowing exactly what you need to do every day to call in new clients.

Ready to serve more clients?

Discover a step-by-step custom road-map to help you increase your income and impact through my signature 1:1 coaching program

We'd make a fabulous team if:

+ You’re a positive impact business, conscious coach, healer, creative or service-based business owner ready to level-up your impact

+ You want to grow your business to create world-changing income and impact – but you need some guidance along the way

+ You are open to exploring the magical and mystical within you – and taking massive inspired action to make your dreams a reality – even when things get uncomfortable

+ You need a custom marketing and sales strategy to help you land clients consistently with grace and ease

+ You have at least 2-3 hours to implement the strategies you’ll learn to help you land more soul-mate clients and you’re prepared to do the work!

I'm not for you if:

+ You’re looking for a magic bullet and aren’t prepared to take action to grow

+ You aren’t prepared to embrace fear and discomfort and you want to remain stuck in old limiting ‘stories’

+ You’re turned off by spirituality, energy-talk, moon-cycles, psychedelics and meditation – or anything too ‘woo-woo’.

+ You’re turned off by real business strategy and want to keep playing in the hobbyist space – or you’d rather meditate all day than do what’s required to grow a successful business

+ You aren’t prepared to take  action to call in your dream clients

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