One Of These Strategies Could Double Your Revenue This Year

Are you ready for a revenue revolution? Imagine tripling your revenue this year without working three times harder to create this result. At this stage in your business journey, it may even sound too good to be true, but with a few strategic tweaks, you really can make magic happen. Today, I’m unveiling three of my favorite strategies that have the power to transform your business. So, let’s dive straight in and unlock your untapped revenue potential.


One of the fastest ways to transform your revenue (and save your sanity in business) is to make the switch from selling one-off sessions to selling a package or program instead.

Selling one-off sessions usually looks like this:

You typically have to sell a heck of a lot of sessions to hit your revenue goals.

(For example, if you’re selling a 45-minute session at $100 a pop, you’re going to need to sell 100 of them to rock a $10k month – If that’s your goal.)

You’re probably spending a lot of your time and energy running on the client-chasing hamster wheel.

Because, after all, you need to find 100 people to book 100 sessions every single month to knock your revenue goal out of the park.

That’s a lot of client delivery, and a lot of time spent marketing – to hit those numbers.

You may also find yourself spending a disproportionate amount of time chasing current and past clients to book another session – and you may find that this type of offer attracts the kinds of clients that are a little commitment-phobic or flaky when it comes to booking sessions in advance. They may even like the non-committal energy of being able to book a session as and when they please.

There’s a whole lot of hustle going on, and your nervous system may be running in overdrive because you’re starting every month from scratch with no recurring revenue in place.

One word?


Here’s the alternative:

Selling a 6-session package instead of a one-off session – or selling a 12-week transformational program as opposed to a single coaching session. If you’re a service-based business offering something done for you – this could look like switching out your “bit of everything when you need it” website design update services to a full stack web building offer with a monthly management add-on for example.

Here’s why this works:

Imagine that you’re a massage therapist like my client Kat.

Kat started off her journey selling one-off massage sessions and did her best to upsell clients, encouraging them to book additional sessions.

She spent most of her workday feeling overwhelmed and stressed because she knew that working with a client in one session only created a fraction of the results she knew she was capable of creating for her clients.

She was also hustling all the time, which meant that she was occasionally late for client sessions and a little lax on the admin side of things. (Which her clients took note of.)

In working together, one of the first things we did was to package up her offer and raise her prices. We started small. Instead of selling one session at a time, we packaged it up so she was selling a pack of 4 sessions instead.

The result? Her clients started seeing 4 times the success and transformation with her sessions – simply because they got to deepen their work together.

Her referral business skyrocketed thanks to raving client reviews.

Since she didn’t have to spend as much time and energy chasing clients, she was able to cultivate more presence with her existing clients.

She streamlined her systems, and clients started to rave about her work.

The best part?

The juicy recurring revenue that one simple move created in her business.

No more starting from $0 each month.

In fact, this strategy worked so well for Kat that she combined her personal training and massage services into a 12-week transformational program, which elevated her entire clientele within a matter of months.

She later went on to hit her first 5-figure month thanks to this incredible program and the changes she’d made.

The main takeaway?

Packaging up your sessions creates more powerful transformations for your clients and helps you create juicy recurring revenue.


Ever been asked if you’d like to go Grande when it comes to your latte order at Starbucks? This is upselling in action.

And as it turns out, there are plenty of buyers who are eager-beaver to upgrade their purchases. In fact, a percentage of buyers will always choose the premium purchase option when given the opportunity.

The question is, are you giving your clients the option to go VIP with your offers?

So let’s break it down.

An upsell is essentially a value add to an existing offer that comes at an additional cost, and it’s a great way to add even more value to your offers and increase your client’s transaction value.

Let me give you an example:

You’re out ordering ice cream.

Just a plain vanilla cone.

When the ice cream server asks if you’d like to add a spritz of chocolate syrup to your cone.

Suddenly you think, “Oh yeah, that’s a great idea.”

You agree.

“Would you like to add anything else?” says the ice cream server while gesturing to an assortment of delicious ice cream add-ons.

You glance over the assortment of add-ons as you survey the chocolate brownie chunks, fruit pieces, cookies,  sprinkles and more.

You also notice the sugar cones on display.

Within the space of about 2 minutes your plain vanilla ice cream cone has evolved like a pokemon into a sugar-coned chocolate (probably going to give you diabetes) delight.

Check out the order difference:

Order 1:

Vanilla Ice Cream Scoop + Standard Cone: $2

Order total: $2

Order 2: (With Upsells)

Vanilla Ice Cream Scoop x 2: $3

Sugar cone: $2

Brownie Chunks: $1

Belgian Chocolate Sauce Dip: $2

Macadamia Nut Sprinkle: $2

Order total: $10.

That’s 5 times the transaction value of order 1.

This is the power of upselling.

It’s a win for you – and a win for your gourmet ice cream-eating client.


One of the single biggest things that could transform your revenue and time freedom in business is to quit going custom with your offers.

Customization may sound great in theory, particularly when deviating from your usual plan may land you a client in the moment, but in practice, it can be a time-consuming and revenue-draining endeavor. Instead of reinventing the wheel for each client, I recommend focusing on mastering your highest value offer.

Let me show you what a difference this can make:

Back when I was working as a creative designer, I offered a smorgasbord of services. I was offering everything from product photography to brand design, print jobs, and everything in between.

I was booked to capacity with clients, but I was also teetering on the edge of major burnout with no available free time, and my bank balance wasn’t as hot as I would have liked it to be.

When I took a step back and honed in on my specialty and where the bulk of my joy and revenue was coming from, I decided to focus on selling just one signature offer as the foundation of my business – a complete brand design package.

Making this move, I was absolutely petrified that my entire client base would disappear overnight because I was no longer custom-creating anything for anyone.

But instead, something magical happened…

By cutting back on all my offers, I was able to go big on my one thing.

This gave me time and headspace to focus on systemizing this offer.

These systems ultimately supported me in cutting my working hours in half and doubling my revenue.

Smoother systems meant more free time to relax and serve more clients.

A better system meant delivering better results too.

The icing on the cake?

Because I wasn’t trying to be everything to everyone, I got really good at delivering my one offer. The result? Delighting my existing clients who then went on to create a constant stream of referrals flowing into my business.


Growing your revenue doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your time and sanity. In fact, I believe that in order to go big, we need to focus on eliminating the non-essentials and doubling down on what works.


Here are some of my favorite reflection questions from today’s topic:

* How can you apply the strategy of selling packages or programs instead of one-off sessions to your own business? What specific steps can you take to transition from a transactional model to a more transformative and recurring revenue model?

* Reflect on your current offerings and consider how you can incorporate upsells to increase the value of each transaction. What additional products or services can you offer as upsells to enhance your clients’ experience and boost your revenue?

* Evaluate the level of customization you provide in your offers. Are you spending too much time and effort on customizing solutions for each client? How can you streamline your processes and focus on your highest value offer without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction?

* Think about the benefits of specializing in a core offer instead of trying to be everything to everyone. What specific area or service brings you the most joy and revenue? How can you narrow down your focus and build expertise in that area to attract more clients and increase your overall revenue?

* Consider the concept of eliminating non-essential elements in your business to achieve growth and success. What are some non-essential tasks, services, or products that you can let go of to free up time and resources? How can you double down on what works and optimize your efforts to maximize revenue without sacrificing your time and sanity?

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