One Mental Game Could Change It All

Hey there, rockstar. Today, I want to chat about something that’s been on my mind lately—our incredible talent as human beings for postponing joy. Seriously, it has occurred to me that we’re all Olympic champions in the “waiting for happiness” marathon.

We save our celebrations, gratitude, and even gift-buying for special occasions. We defer relaxation and unwinding to designated vacation time and weekends and we wait until circumstances are ‘perfect’ before we feel like we belong.We operate our lives and businesses from a perpetual state of waiting.

But guess what? We don’t have that much time left on this wild planet. No one handed us an expiration date, so we can’t just keep putting off the good stuff indefinitely.

So in this article, I’m going to break down one of the powerful questions that helped me to stop waiting, and start living. This changed my life and business forever and this could be your ticket too. Let’s dig in.


As someone who has experienced the pain of losing loved ones from an early age (almost my entire family to be precise), I’ve always been acutely aware of the fragility of life. We can’t take our time here for granted, and it’s our responsibility to make the most of each day. It hit me that we have no idea if we’ll be around to witness tomorrow. We think we’ve got infinite amounts of time. That’s why so many of us are stuck living in the past or for an elusive tomorrow. But here’s the hilarious truth: when tomorrow arrives, it’s just another today. So, if we truly want to lead fulfilling, abundant lives and build businesses that allow us to flourish, we need to ask ourselves a powerful question.


So let’s set the stage.

Picture this: Monday. Ah, the infamous Monday—the day that drags along with the collective weight of weekend baggage – and a possible hangover.

Now, imagine you had to live this Monday, and repeat it over and over, for the rest of your life.

No weekends, no superhero coming to save you. No retirement plans and no vacations.

It’s just an endless cycle of Mondays (or another typical workday of your choice).

The question is, when confronted with this reality, would you be content?

Or are you already bracing for the inevitable mental breakdown at the thought of this experience? 

And if this were the reality with no way out this gets you thinking.

What would you change?

How would you structure your day?

How many hours would you work?

What would you sprinkle in to make each day delightful?

How would you survive this experience?

How could you thrive in this new reality?

This little mental game and line of questioning changed everything for me.

You see, I used to find myself postponing joy, waiting to hit some arbitrary revenue goal before I allowed myself to enjoy life’s pleasures. I was stuck in a cycle of waiting for weekends, holidays, and a distant future where everything would magically fall into place and I would finally feel like a successful entrepreneur and a human being worthy and deserving of wonderful things.

But waiting is a waste of this one precious life of mine. So, I decided to get creative and find ways to bring the elements I love about weekends and vacations into my workday. I wanted every day to feel like a celebration, a mini-vacation in itself.

Because, after all, this is my life – and no one is coming to save me.

On the other hand – this is my life, and I’ve built the kind of business that allows me the freedom to build my days exactly how I please.


The idea of not having weekends or vacations to leverage as a way to postpone joy forced me out of lazy thinking.

It helped me to start to question why I loved weekends and getaway time in the first place.

Think about it—what do you enjoy most about weekends?

Is it the rest, the celebration, or the quality time with friends?

Why should these things be reserved only for the weekend or vacation?

How can you incorporate those joyful moments into your workday, making every day feel like a getaway?

Imagine being so present and in the flow that you stop counting down to Friday or longing for the next vacation.

That’s the ultimate goal—being fully engaged in your life and business.


Now, here’s the reality check: there is no finish line.

The finish line is you pushing daisies.

Hustling and burning yourself out in pursuit of arbitrary goals won’t support you, your clients, or your long-term success.

We need to shift our mindset and embrace the idea that every day matters, not just the weekends, the breaks or the big milestones we hit along the way.

We have to redefine what success looks like and prioritize joy, health, and relationships in the present, not in some distant faraway future.

So, I invite you to explore this question: What would your workday look like if Monday was a record on repeat for the rest of your life?

Would you work fewer hours?

Would you savor your lunch break by cooking a delicious meal?

Would you switch up your workspace or work fewer days?

Would you take an afternoon break to go horse-riding or play the guitar?

How would you make time for friends, family, and your well-being?

Take a moment to ponder these questions because they have the potential to transform your life and your business entirely.


There’s no big finish line or magic fairy that’s going to bonk you on the head and say “(Name), it’s finally your time. You get to be happy from this moment onwards now that you’ve achieved x,y and z . Congratulations.” 

The magic you’re looking for is in the moment, and that starts today.

It’s time to break free of ‘the weekend mentality’ and take charge of our own happiness by breaking the rules and making every day a day for rest, celebration, creation, service and play. 

Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why we call it ‘The Present’ – Eleanor Roosevelt


Here are some of my favorite reflection questions from today’s topic:

* What activities or moments do you typically reserve for weekends or vacations? How can you incorporate them into your workday?

* How many hours do you genuinely need to work to be productive and fulfilled? Can you make adjustments to create more balance?

* Are you prioritizing your health, relationships, and hobbies, or are they getting squeezed in after all the busy work? How can you flip the script and make them integral parts of your day?

* Where are you waiting, energetically, emotionally or physically before you open yourself up to receive the feelings of love, happiness and worthiness?

Meet The Author

I am a luxury business strategist and writer with an Italian cappuccino fetish and a 3-day work-week. With a personal love for indulgence and the finer things in life, I’ve seamlessly blended my passion for dissecting profitable businesses with the art of curating a life of pleasure. My obsession? Unraveling the DNA of success and happiness while teaching you how to beautifully disrupt the norm by crafting a business and life that you can’t wait to wake up to on a Monday morning.



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