Tailored 1:1 support from Megan Chalidis to support you to elevate your revenue, free up your schedule and design a life and business that you can’t wait to wake up to on a Monday morning.



Streamline your business processes to enjoy the empty calendar bliss of a delicious, spacious 3-4 day work week that has your nervous system breathing a sigh of relief.



Unlock the floodgates to your next revenue uplevel with a custom-tailored offer suite, marketing game plan, and delivery system that gets premium results that effortlessly command premium prices.



Shift from burnt-out to blissed-out as you discover how to leverage your innate genius to build a business, brand, and visibility plan that you love and say buh-bye to copy and paste ‘guru’ tactics that deplete your joy and energy.

I’m Megan Chalidis.

I specialize in supporting entrepreneurs with the tools, strategy, and psychology that they need to experience a quantum leap in their revenue growth and lifestyle freedom.

I’m all about supporting entrepreneurs to elevate their income while enjoying more empty calendar bliss.

If you know that your offers, message, marketing, and mindset are ready for an up-level so you can step into your wealthy, well-rested wo(man) era then I am the woman to hire.

I work privately with a select handful of self-led, ambitious entrepreneurs who already have established working businesses each year.

You’ll know this is you if you already have a flow of regular clients, you know how to make money and you know how to get rockstar-level results for your clients.

You’re ready to enter into a new era. An era of ease.
Where you get to grow your business YOUR way.

No more settling. No more hustling. No more relying on someone else’s 6-step blueprint for success. And no more exceptions.

This is your masterpiece.

And I’m here to support you to step into the version of your life and business where you’re able to grow by doing work that you LOVE to do while leading clients who feel like an “oh-my-gosh-yes!” to work with.

In this era, you get to have it all.

More money.
More time freedom.
More simplicity.
More pleasure.

Yes, it’s do-able, and I’m going to show you how to make it YOUR reality.

If this sounds like you…

You’ve got consistent clients coming into your business, you know how to make money and you’re not a newbie on your business journey

You’re self-led and self-responsible. You’re committed to putting in the work to make your big juicy goals your reality. You take ownership of your success.

You understand the basics of business growth, sales, and marketing and you’ve used these strategies with some degree of success to create results in your own business.

You resonate with my work, and you know that I’m the mentor that you’d like to work with closely to elevate your revenue and lifestyle freedom.

Inside The Inner Circle Mentorship

✔ You can expect high-level consulting around your big-picture business strategy, offer suite,  messaging, positioning, marketing strategy, sales strategy, and back-end systems.

My approach is holistic, and my mentorship always covers the mindset work and nervous system support required to support the upgrades in your business alongside practical strategies that you can implement to start seeing results.

✔ My private coaching package is 6 months long. You can extend our work together for another 6 months if required. If we have never worked together in ANY capacity, I do offer a 3-month package to start with.

You receive 6 months of voice message + text access (during office hours Tuesday through Thursday) – this is where the best conversations, insights, and magic moments happen. The ‘coach in my pocket’ style mentorship allows you to access support when you need it most without packing another gazillion zoom calls into your already busy schedule (or having to wake up at 3am for a coaching call because of the time zone difference).

✔ You will also receive a pre-recorded custom strategic game plan based on your personalized intake information to kick start our time together that is tailored to exactly where you are on your business journey. This gameplan will outline immediate steps and shifts that you can take to embody your next level of ease, wealth, pleasure and freedom in business.

✔ You will receive access to relevant past self-led courses and or resources as a premium client. (*Does not include EBE) These will be intuitively unlocked throughout your mentorship as I feel they would most support your phase of growth.

I sign a contract with every client before beginning the mentorship experience to support both of us to engage in the most productive way possible.

HereAreThe Investment Details

My current coaching rate is $7000 paid in full or $1250 per month for 6 months. Please note that partial scholarships are available for selected applicants. To enquire about this please contact me directly via email at

If we have never worked together in ANY capacity, I offer a 3-month package at $3000 paid in full or $1250 per month for 3 months.

I have a paid waitlist for my 1:1 coaching. To secure a spot, you can start on a payment plan or lay down a deposit.

Spots are claimed quickly and my clients often extend their packages, if you know you want to work with me – please apply below.