$5 Logo? Here's Why It's Not Worth It

Even in this world of digital business and visualization, most companies, especially startups, still don’t fully understand the importance of professional logo design. Most people don’t perceive a logo as something quite valuable that could help their business.

The Importance Of A Good Logo

A logo allows a business to build a brand around their products and services. This helps businesses inspire implied authority, superiority, loyalty, admiration, trust, and recognition. A company’s commercial brand uses a professional logo design to present their business as an economic entity.

The main elements of any logo are images, fonts, colors, and shapes. These elements help a brand stand out from others in the market. It’s safe to say that a logo is how consumers identify a brand.

Now, if you decide to go with a $5 logo, you can’t expect it to be excellent or memorable or trustworthy.

The problem with these cheap logos is that they all use the same free standard-issue fonts, colors, and shapes. These logos are hardly memorable, simple, or effective.

All 5$ logos look the same. They don’t have any of the elements that make a good logo. A good logo is scalable, effective without color, memorable, and describable.

The Same Issues Always Follow These Cheap Logos:

  • Consumers can’t remember or describe them
  • The logos aren’t effective without color
  • They aren’t scalable
  • They don’t gain immediate recognition
  • They fail at conveying brand’s attitude, character or personality
  • They don’t inspire credibility, trustworthiness or familiarity
  • They fail at connecting a brand with its consumers
  • They don’t have any association with satisfaction and quality

Professional Logo Design

Unique logo design requires time, skill, and knowledge. Creating such a design is a process that involves reflection, conceptualizing, sketching, and research. This process consists of:

  • The design brief
  • Research
  • References
  • Conceptualizing and sketching
  • Reflection
  • Presentation
  • Acceptance

So, a professional logo designer has to go through a lot to come up with a simple but memorable logo that tells a complete story about a business.

Let’s state some more facts and reasons why a great logo costs more than your lunch:

  • A company’s logo is the first thing consumers see
  • It’s the very first impression consumers get from a business
  • A good logo needs longevity
  • It has to be original to help a brand stand out
  • It has to look professional
  • It should reflect the brand message in the appropriate tone
  • The entire corporate image starts with a logo
  • A professional-looking logo gives the impression of business being authentic, professional, serious, credible, and trustworthy

With all this in mind, let’s state the five most important things each company should know about professional logo design.

Five Things Businesses Should Know About Professional Logo Design

Your logo tells pretty much everything about you as a business. It helps establish a good dose of professionalism, but most importantly, it provides social proof that your brand is an actual business.

This is why every business should seriously consider investing in branding. Two things are essential for starting and running a successful company – the brand name and the logo design.

Just think about how online business works – businesses are required to establish a presence on social media and other channels of communication. That means they have to put their logo on everything, including invoices, ads, newsletters, business cards, products, services, websites, and so on.

Your logo helps by making your brand stand out from others in a saturated and highly-competitive market. Because of that, here are five key points worth taking into consideration.

1. A Logo Can Be Cost-Efficient And Memorable At The Same Time

The cost of a logo depends on the details of the project. Every business has different needs and goals. Many companies that provide professional logo design services offer a customized quote for each business by considering several factors.

The cost depends on the size of a business, the amount of research needed, the number of revisions and concepts required, etc. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good and effective logo designed.

It’s easy for big companies to spend thousands for an incredible logo design, but startups and small businesses can’t afford that luxury. The trick is to make it work according to your business goals.

Most logo design companies provide three or four different options at very reasonable prices.

2. Be Limitless

Never limit yourself with your logo. Both branding and design are fluid things – they change, develop, grow, and evolve.

The moment your business starts gathering feedback from customers and data as well as reap the fruits of your labor, your business will start growing and developing in many new directions.

Your professional logo design shouldn’t resemble a single product, but your entire business, company tradition, and culture. Remember, we live in a customer-centric world. You don’t just want to sell – you want to make and keep your customers satisfied.

Think about your brand moving in a new direction. Your logo has to be flexible and abstract to encompass the atmospheric and emotional expression of your business.

3. Keep Key Traits In Mind

Three key characteristics make the best logo design:

  • Simplicity
  • Memorability
  • Appropriateness

Your logo isn’t supposed to wow your customers, win design awards, or intimidate your competition. It simply needs to be effective enough to reflect your business’ essence to attract the right demographic.

4. Follow The Examples

Never copy or mimic other brands, especially not your competitors. Instead, learn from the example of the biggest companies. Study their success stories to get an idea of what your logo should be and stand for.

5. Your First Logo Will Change

Even the greatest companies went through many logo changes until they finally reached the desired form. What works at the moment, won’t work in the future. It’s how things are. Just like your business will grow and develop, logo design is also always on the move, changing, evolving.

There are new technologies and techniques every day. Be prepared for a change, but most importantly, focus on the things that truly matter for your business, such as finding the right market and being ready to scale.

When all things are set, build a brand around your business by starting with a logo. Use it to reflect the meaning behind your brand. It’s worth the time, effort, and resources.


The importance of logo design is growing exponentially as it is becoming increasingly important to engage customers on an emotional level and tell a story. A good logo gives companies the edge and allows them to unfold their potential.

If we consider all this, hiring graphic design experts and their logo design & professional branding services is a long-term investment that every serious business should consider. A great logo helps a business stand out, but it also helps capture a brand’s unique personality and style.

You need an effective logo that you’ll be proud of. Invest in something extraordinary to find your style and give your brand a personality your ideal consumers can relate to.

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