welcome beautiful.

You have made the best decision for your business.

But right now you might be wondering...

Did I make the right decision by choosing to say yes to this? 

The answer? Yes. 

You’re about to embark on a business adventure that will equip you with the tools you need to tap into greater income + impact while brining your business visions to life in a way that feels exciting + fulfilling to YOU.

Here are some of the exciting outcomes you have to look forward to

Depending on which coaching agreement you’ve selected, and the duration of our time together, here are some of the exciting things we’ll be covering:

Don't just take my word for it. Here are some of the powerful results my clients have been able to achieve through working together:

real results - real impact

Are you ready to be the next success story?

how we'll work together:

I am so excited to begin this adventure with you! We’re going to be working together for the next 90 days to help you take one step closer to getting Booked-Out, Beautifully in your business. I’m going to be sharing everything I know about creating a simple, but powerful business model and a schedule that’s packed full of amazing clients to serve. We’ll meet once a week for a 30-50 minute session we’re we’ll dive into a specific topic as we move through the growth roadmap. 

Your session will be a combination of business strategy, mindset upgrades, and teaching and each session is handled in the way that I feel would best serve your business and your expansion. 

We’re going to be meeting on Zoom, and you’ll be able to record your session if you’d like to refer back to it at any stage. You’ll find the link to join your session inside your Google Calendar Invitation, but you can also click here to enter the room at your allotted time. Please be sure to arrive 5 minutes early for each session and ensure that you have a strong internet connection + something to take notes with.

The program roadmap:

Each session is geared towards taking you one step closer to your goal of becoming a thriving, booked-out business leader. I’m going to be leading you through a transformational process that will allow us to build a strong foundation for your business as you continue to expand and there are 3 key areas that we will cover. In working together you’ll learn how to generate leads for your business whenever you want, sell – almost – effortlessly, and deliver a world-class irresistible offer to your clients while streamlining and organizing your business for maximum impact and joy. Keep in mind, that no one starts at the same place in their business. That’s why each session will be customised with your unique business goals in mind. 

HOW to get the most from this program:

Stay Present:

While there are a host of exciting things that we’ll be covering together, I ask that you stay present throughout the entire process. So many entrepreneurs I meet are so excited to get moving on the more ‘exciting’ aspects of marketing that they forget to focus on the most important aspects of their business. That’s why, my aim is to work with you to build a solid business foundation. Some sessions will be more exciting than others, but each holds its own unique wisdom for you and your business so try to stay present throughout the process. Implementation is everything, so if there’s a concept that you’ve already heard before, I invite you to ask yourself how fully that information has been actioned and implemented in your business. Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that make all the difference.

Take Massive, Messy Action:

In my experience in working with hundreds of entrepreneurs from around the world, what I’ve found is that for the most part – it’s not a lack of information – but a lack of implementation that’s keeping them from reaching their next level. Throughout this process, I invite you to take as much action as you can in between our sessions by working through the various training resources and implementing as you learn. This is where you’ll begin to see real results. The information I’m going to share with you is only as valuable as the action you take. Don’t wait until it’s perfect – rather, take massive inspired action towards your goals. This program works if you do.

Let This Be A Co-Creation:

I am no guru. I am here to hold space for you and to work with you as your dedicated partner over the next 90 days – or as long as you need my support. In order for you to receive the most value from this experience, I invite you to lean in, get vulnerable, and share as much as you can with me. Ask as many questions as you need. We’re going to roll up our sleeves and embark on this journey together, so make full use of this opportunity. 

Consistency is King:

Too often, I see entrepreneurs jumping from strategy to strategy and not seeing the results they desire. What’s often missing is consistency. Once you’ve planted a seed, you need to tend to it daily. You don’t rip it out of the ground because it’s not growing fast enough or plant something else on top of it hoping that something will grow. The same is true when it comes to your business. I invite you to carve out time daily to work on pursuing your goals, one at a time, for the next 90 days. Hold yourself accountable when it comes to doing difficult things. One of my 7-figure mentors shared with me that good business is boring. It’s far easier to get stuck on the hamster wheel of shiny object syndrome than roll up your sleeves and do the meaningful work. And the truth is that there are no magic bullets. Results take time.

Face Everything And Rise:

Throughout this process you may, at various stages in your journey, encounter fear and resistance. Often, when we dare to dream beyond our comfort zone, our minds will create a montage of reasons why we should return to that which is safe and familiar. Facing your fear and resistance head on is the fastest way for you to progress and expand your horizons. If we want to succeed, we must learn to do difficult things and take a leap of faith. When fear comes up I would invite you to to conduct a gentle enquiry with your emotions and take action that is in alignment with your biggest vision. Remember, your brain is not designed to make you happy – it’s purely a survival organ, and when you are confronted with something outside of what is familiar, your brain will automatically default to survival mode where we fight, flight or freeze. In my experience, the best things in life are found just outside your comfort zone. So my question for you is – will you Forget Everything And Run or will you Face Everything And Rise?

love work:

After each section we cover together, you’ll receive what I like to call Love Work. These are ‘homework’ assignments geared towards helping you integrate what you’ve learned so you can create powerful results in your business. 

Your Love Work will need to be completed and uploaded to ASANA within 24 hours of your next session should you wish to receive feedback on the tasks in that session.

To hold you accountable to your progress you’ll also receive a weekly feedback form every Friday via email which is to be completed by the Monday of the following week.

Using ASANA:

Asana is the project management system that we’ll be using to keep track of all your assignments and tasks as well as all the bonus content I share with you. You can use it to upload files, leave comments or share your experiences with me. You’ll receive access to your dashboard after your first session. All you need to do is sign up for a free account using your email address. All questions, queries, and assignments are to be submitted via ASANA. This is a lot easier than having files sent back and forth via email and it helps us to stay organised. To learn how to use your new dashboard watch this short video below:

Your Worksheets + Videos:

In order for you to get the most from our sessions sessions, I have created a various worksheets and videos as an added bonus to deepen your learning experience. These resources will be uploaded to ASANA after each session where applicable and you’ll already have some of them waiting for you inside ASANA. They contain key themes, insights, and actionable steps so you can apply what you learn immediately. Don’t wait for me to dive into these! Jump right in, take massive action and let’s use your sessions to refine your implementation.


In-Between Session Support

You’ll have access to my text support in between sessions. Feel free to share your progress and wins, ask questions or send updates via ASANA or via Signal. If you don’t already have Signal, all you need to do is download it through the AppStore or Google Play and add me as a contact. Leave me a message and I’ll be able to save yours! Please note that messages sent outside of these platforms will not be given priority.

Megan: +27(0) 79 746 1962

Sometimes I will answer your questions in the chat by pointing you to resources that may be able to support you. If your questions are more in-depth I’ll be sure to address them in your next session.

My Availability:

I’m usually available for support from Tuesday through to Friday from 10am to 4pm SAST. I give all my attention to my client sessions on Tuesday and Thursday so please contact me on Wednesdays and Fridays for the best response time. Please know that if you do not receive a response from me right away, I will be sure to attend to your messages within 48 hours within my available times. I’m not available for support on weekends or public holidays and during these times you’ll usually find me recharging my batteries under a tree with a book book so I can show up and support you with all the energy I’ve got during our sessions.

Respect & Communication:

I have an incredible amount of respect and admiration for you and I honor the immense creative power within you. Please respect my time by showing up for your sessions on-time, completing your love-work and treating me the way you wish to be treated.

Please keep in mind that there may be times when you leave a session feeling challenged or pushed to grow. There are times where you may not like what I have to say. I am here to be your partner and mentor; not your friend. So please know that anything shared will always be shared with love, and with your growth and expansion in mind.

If there’s anything that you feel needs extra attention or if you at any point are unhappy with how something has been communicated please feel free to open a dialogue with me at any time during your sessions.

preparing for your first session:

Before your first session I recommend that you watch the introductory content that I’ve shared with you in ASANA. In this session, we’re going to use the time to connect, and I’m going to be learning more about your business and where you most need support. This session is going to set the tone for the sessions to come. All you need to do is bring your beautiful, bright self, a notebook, a glass of water. cacao – or your favorite cup of tea, (or wine) and occasionally, you may need to have tissues on hand as we progress through your sessions – as there will be times where we may dive into more emotional, mindset-related issues as necessary.

Your welcome gift:

To welcome you on your journey, I’d love to send a little gift your way to mark the start of your new adventure. Please email me your answers to the following questions:

+ Chocolate or Vanilla
+ Tea or Coffee
+ Dietary Preferences or Allergies
+ Phoenix or Siren

And lastly, your delivery address where you’re able to receive parcels.

*Please note that international participants will receive a digital welcome gift via email. Local participants may receive either a digital or physical gift depending on availability.

what's next?

Please check your emails + confirm your session booking date and time. Next, dive into ASANA and begin working through the introductory videos, taking notes and implementing as you go. Finally, we'll meet for our first session and get rocking and rolling!

I can't wait to get started!