Intuitively Brewed Premade BRAND AESthetics

Feminine, minimal, one-of-a-kind brand designs customized to suit your business.

Each of these designs are the result of connecting with an intuitive vision that birthed the visual brand narratives that you see below. Each design captures a unique essence, and is waiting for you to recognise your own magic, and begin sharing it with the world through a soul-aligned brand and business.

Each design was lovingly crafted for lightworkers, healers, creatives and luminary entrepreneurs and serves as an economical and time-efficient solution to investing in a premium, professionally designed brand.

Each design also helps to share the magic with the rest of the world as proceeds from each aesthetic package will be donated to a selected charity – including feeding schemes, animal rescue, and women’s health.

choose your design

Breathe into your heart space and select the design that speaks to you intuitively. Click on your chosen design and follow the link.

make your payment

Make your payment to reserve your design and make a booking. Once your booking has been confirmed you will need to supply your business name and colour palette so the design and style sheet can be customized.

Receive your designs

You will receive your designs as well as a brand style sheet within 1-3 working days. One round of revisions is included to make sure that you love the final artwork.

how do i choose?

Symbols are the language of spirit. It’s best to allow your heart room to breathe so you can decide not from a logic space – but from a heart space. Which design is intuitively calling out to you? Which design do you love without reason? Perhaps there is one design which you feel best represents your journey as a luminary entrepreneur. Relax. Breathe – and let spirit be your guide. 

One thing is certain, if you are here, then you have been called here and your brand essence is waiting for you to claim its magic.

how many of each design are sold?

Just one. Each of these designs is one of a kind. When you make your purchase, the design becomes 100% yours. I believe that each of us has a unique essence or energy and once you connect with an aesthetic, I believe it becomes one with your consciousness; and neither you nor the artwork are ever the same again.

These are more expensive than some of the other logo designs i have looked at. What makes these different?

A brand is so much more than a logo design and it’s important to understand the difference. A logo design is a visual marking for your business; nothing more. A brand encompasses every single area where others will come into contact with your business. Every single piece of a brand is intentional. Colours, typefaces, and elements are all carefully selected for their conscious and subconscious messaging and impact. So why choose branding? Well, consistent branding has the power and potential to increase a business’ level of income by 30% – according to Forbes. In order to see these results, you’re going to need more than just a logo design.

Each of these designs comes complete with everything you’ll need in order to build a strong, and successful brand foundation with grace and ease and you’ll receive the benefits of a professionally designed brand at more than 1/4 of the price it costs to work with me 1:1.

What’s more, most logo designs are generic, copy, and paste visual representations of your business. Because I believe that each one of us is unique, I believe that it’s important to also have a one-of-a-kind brand foundation to distinguish you from others in your industry. Investing in a professional brand foundation will help you to showcase your unique essence in a way that is both memorable and magnetic to your ideal clients.

In addition to this, you are not just investing in a brand foundation. Each design has been intuitively channeled through meditative and ceremonial practice and contains its own unique magic and manifesting power. Each brand has been intentionally created to magnetize a specific kind of energy through your business. 

When you invest in one of my brand aesthetics you will receive all the files required to launch a successful brand including both image and vector files. Most designers don’t supply vector files, but I want to ensure that you have everything you need to build a brand legacy that evolves as you do. Vector based files can be edited by you or your designer and can be scaled to any size without ever losing quality. This means that whether you’re showing up on a business card or a billboard, your brand will always reflect a clear, and professional aesthetic. Having these files means that should you wish to work with me, or another designer in the future, that you’ll have all the editable files you need.

In addition to your designs you will also receive a style sheet which contains the exact colours, fonts, and logo styles so that you always know how to display your brand for the greatest impact. You’ll also receive a 60-minute brand strategy call with me where I’ll personally guide you in taking the next steps in your business.

As my gift to you I will also include a complimentary copy of my Soulful, Strategic Workbook to help you deepen your connection with your branding to increase your income and impact.


when will i receive my designs?

Provided that you’ve submitted all of your details at the checkout, you will receive your proof within 3 workings days. You can either approve the proof or request one complimentary round of revisions. Your revisions will be completed within 2 working days. Once approved, you will receive all your files within 3 working days.

Can i request changes to the design?

Yes! I want you to walk away with a design that your soul loves. A complimentary revision round has been included with your purchase. This allows for us to tweak the colours and typography to ensure that you’re happy with your brand aesthetic. Should you wish to purchase more revision rounds, this option will be available to you. Please know, that because these designs are pre-designed, any adjustments made to your artwork need to be made relative to what is already there. You cannot request entirely new designs informed by what is already there. Should you wish to work together on something more custom, please book a strategy call with me to discuss working together 1:1. 

What is the investment?

Your investment for your chosen brand aesthetic is $447 which includes a complimentary round of revisions to your design. You will receive your designs, a style sheet, and a digital copy of the Soulful Strategic Branding Workbook. You will also receive a 60-minute 1:1 brand strategy session to help you increase your income and impact. Additional revision rounds can be purchased on request.