to the thriving female entrepreneurs community!

You're in the perfect space if you're wanting to learn how to grow your client base + design a business model that allows you to THRIVE

some house rules:

Over here in our community we work hard to uphold the a space that allows everyone to connect, learn and grow. Here are a couple of house rules before we get this party started:

1. no promo in the main feed or comments

Don’t panic! You’ll still have a chance to promo your business on our weekly promotion thread. We want to keep this community jam packed with value (because let’s face it – when a facebook group looks like the classifieds section of a local paper – it’s not fun for anyone to party in). Most of the entrepreneurs in this space are here to learn and connect so lead with value in all of your content. If someone asks for your website or details feel free to use the comments to ask permission to private message them.

but Megan - how am I supposed to find clients if I'm not allowed to promo?

I’m so glad you asked! Click here to check out my free training on how to land clients in FB groups that don’t allow ongoing promotions. I’ll be spilling the tea on the strategies I used to get Booked-Out, Beautifully without relying on spammy promotion posts.

It all begins with...

2. leading with value in this space

This is a community where woman support and celebrate each other. Want to get noticed by potential clients? Add value in your zone of genius by contributing content in the main feed. The more value you add – the more you’ll get noticed. Creating intriguing content leads to more profile clicks – and ultimately more clients.

3. play nice

People may not agree with your viewpoints. Play nice, share opinions and viewpoints. No political talk or conspiracy theories, please. Let’s keep it, classy ladies.

4. no video content

Our group is growing steadily and we want to make sure that this space is packed with value and good vibes. It’s impossible – and time consuming – for us to moderate all the video content that our members share. For this reason we do not allow video content.

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