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Returning To Slow

Shorts – For When You Only have a Minute

Success is not linear.

Nothing in nature is in bloom all year.

7 years ago, I was a burnt-out, over-worked resentful human being.

I was living a lifestyle that was not in alignment with what was in my heart.

And it made me sick.


We are not linear creatures and we were born to ebb and flow with the seasons.

My almost lifelong battle with chronic illness reminded me of this important lesson. In fact – my journey with chronic Lyme disease is what moved me to start my own business, so I could live life in harmony with my body instead of fighting a war against it daily.

It was only when I started to observe nature and apply her principles to the seasons of my business, that I was able to cultivate my own cyclical nature which allowed me to give and receive in harmony.

This is a principle that I return to constantly in my life and business and share with my clients as well – because there is just as much value in being as there is in doing, and both elements are necessary to build not just a thriving business, but a legacy.


Is your business breathing life into you or has it become a silent monster that slowly eats away at the very things it was built to create; your time, and your freedom?


It’s time to build a business that feeds your lifestyle instead of takes from it.

It’s time to return to slow.



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