Strategy Call Applicaytion

Which of these statements best describes you and your business
Which of the following do you need most in your business right now?
What is the #1 thing you want to achieve through working with someone to support you in filling your schedule with clients?
What is currently stopping you from achieving a schedule that is fully booked with clients?
What is your #1 biggest struggle when it comes to achieving your business goals?
What is this business coaching program going to enable you to do that you haven't been able to accomplish with your current circumstances?
How long have you been thinking about taking action to achieve a booked-out client schedule?
What made you take action right now?
Why is right now a good time for you to get started when it comes to rapidly growing your client base?
Do you have the resources to make the most of an opportunity to rapidly accelerate the growth of your client base and business?
How committed are you to doing what it takes to achieve a fully-booked schedule and a business that allows you to thrive? (10 being most committed)*
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Last Name
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