Portfolio Showcase: Sleep Pod Insomnia Advertisement Campaign

We designed, and edited this value-packed ebook for our client at Sleep Pod along with a series of social media advertisements for their brand. See the ad-copy below:

Example Advertisement Copy:

Every night that you spend tossing and turning – unable to fall asleep – is stealing joy from your tomorrow.

At Sleep Pod, we have the solution that will help you to reclaim your sleep and your life! We’ve put together years of learning and personal experience to bring you a FREE guide that’s packed with all of the insider strategies that will help you to sleep deeply and peacefully every night. 💤

What are you waiting for? Download your free guide today and get started on your journey to peaceful sleep. 👇👇👇
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Where We Started:

Our client contacted us prior to their launch-month. The goal was to create copy and marketing collateral to support the launch of their insomnia course in March. We created design elements and copy from scratch to support our client. Prior to meeting with us, Sleep Pod did not have a foundation or strategy for creating consistent content or a finalised lead magnet.

Where They Are Now:

Sleep Pod is in the middle of their first-ever launch, and is now equipped with a professional eBook lead-magnet, which has so far received brilliant feedback, along with a series of brand-specific Facebook posts which have contributed to the page’s rapid growth:

  • 9600% increase in page likes
  • 31311% increase in page reach
  • 17400% increase in post engagement

*Statistics based on 30-day organic and non-organic advertising campaign as of the 28th of February 2020. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Target-market specific content results in an increase in social media engagement
  • Value-based copy will help to position a new brand as an industry expert
  • Investing in paid-advertising can help bring your message to the right audience 

How Can We Help You?

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