Portfolio Showcase: 6 Steps to Creating Online Income Ebook

We designed, and created this value-packed ebook for our client at Ambition Digital Marketing using their content as a baseline for this project. You can view the ebook here.

Where We Started:

Our client supplied us with a general framework for the ebook along with some the content framework and some images. Out goal was to transform their copy into something insightful and engaging for his readers. 

Where They Are Now:

At the time of its release this eBook was one of Ambition Digital Media’s highest converting lead magnets with over 400 downloads and 1000 clicks. This lead magnet also resulted in a  further 57 up-sells on their additional content. Since then, the business has re-branded and continued to produce incredible content for their audience. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Great design is eye-catching and attracts your audience’s attention
  • Well-designed layouts keep the reading experience as focused and engaging as possible
  • Clear and authentic copy will help you to establish your brand as a trusted industry expert

How Can We Help You?

Are you looking for clear and authentic copy for your business? Let us help you to create an audience-specific lead magnet so that you can grow your business.