3 Secrets to Creating Visually Amazing Content

From headlines to graphics, we’ve got tips on how to visually amaze your audience

Attract the right audience with visually amazing content

How often have you clicked on a link only to be disappointed with the material you’re lead to? An ad on Facebook finally promised a solution to your problem but the destination it takes you to completely falls short of your expectations. Whether its layout or visual appeal, you’re immediately disappointed and click off the page before reading another word.

What if your content is giving that very same impression? You’re serving up greatness but it’s so hard to look at it no one even bothers to read it. It’s more common than you think and you could be losing potential clients over it. Don’t let another person click away from your website without consuming your amazing content. 

You have 5 seconds to attract a reader and entice them to consume your content. Keep them engaged by following these 3 secrets to attracting and converting your followers into loyal, eager to hear from you, clients.   


#1 Captivating headlines

Besides the fact that headlines help your content rank in SEO, they’re the first thing your reader sees when choosing to read or not read your article. With only 20% of those actually reading your content, you have one shot to summarize what they’re going to get out of it. For example, the header of this blog, “3 Secrets to creating visually amazing content”, tells you exactly what to expect when reading this article. Starting your headlines with numbers, specifically odd numbers, helps your article stand out.  What’s in it for me? 3 secrets. Secrets for what? Visually amazing content. 

Answering what and why in easy-to-understand terms anchors your content and makes it more appealing to the end-user. The job of headers are to get the reader excited to consume your content.  


#2 Visually appealing imagery

Have you ever been scrolling on social media and get completely off track because of an image that’s caught your eye? Suddenly, you find yourself on a website looking at cute bunnies running in a field of wheat? That’s visually appealing imagery and if you’re not choosing images that get your content noticed, you’re not doing it right. 

Choose imagery that’s simple, bright, and supports your content in the environment your target audience can relate to. For example, check out this ad from Travel and Leisure promoting travel to Mount Fuji, Japan. Who wouldn’t want to visit this destination? I can see myself running across the fields as I type. 

#3 Clean and simple design

It doesn’t matter if your content is the most brilliant on the web if it’s boring or intimidating to the reader, they won’t read it! Large blocks of text that aren’t balanced with white space and imagery will lose your reader ever time. There are three types of readers you should easily satisfy with your content:

  • The thorough reader – this person will read every word of your content from start to finish
  • The skimmer – this person is looking for content that provides them with instant answers
  • The I know what I wanter – this person knows exactly what they want and wants to find it within seconds and move on

Using the listicles way of setting up your blog is the best way to satisfy all three types of readers. Simply put, listicles contain a descriptive title, are easy to scan, and provide bits of information that can be consumed quickly.

With a clean and simple design, your articles satisfy the pickiest of consumers and swoon them time and time again.


Unlock your content visually

Following the secrets in this article will help you gain more engagement and loyal followers that look forward to your next piece of advice. The best content on the web is something your audience fines of value and easy to consume. Consistently showing up for them will lay the foundation to position you as a future influencer in your space. It doesn’t come overnight, but if you stay on course and be consistently genuine, it will happen. 

Don’t know where to start? We can help, book a consultation with us today to discuss your needs and what we can do to get you on your way to becoming an amazing content creator.