how to work with cacao For daily inspiration & guidance

Learn how to open your heart-chakra through ceremony in connecting with Mamma Cacao as part of your daily practice to open you up to a deeper connection with your sense of purpose and passion.

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My name is Megan, a modern-day alchemist, that fuses cutting-edge brand and marketing strategy with energy healing and tantric practises to help my clients create greater income and impact in their conscious businesses. 

What is cacao?

Derived from the cacao bean, Cacao is a divine feminine plant medicine that was first discovered by the Mayan shamans who used it as a carrier for herbal medicines – and as a tool for deep, heart-centered ceremonial journeying. Cacao medicine found its way into marriage ceremonies as a symbol of fertility, into birth ceremonies to bless a child’s journey into the world, and it was also shared with those who were ready to take their last journey from life into the afterworld.

A single dose of cacao took days to prepare and was, as such, treated with the reverence and mysticism of something divine.

Cacao was often prepared by the Mayans by crushing the cacao beans and mixing it with hot water and a fusion of herbs and spices where it was consumed as a sacred, chocolate drink.

In Mayan culture the birth of humanity is said to have originated from the Gods who bled onto a cacao pod which then birthed earth’s people. 

In the western world, cacao has been described as a chocolate superfood and has been renowned for its host of medicinal properties and it’s resemblance to chocolate. 

what are the benefits of working with cacao?

Working with cacao will allow you to experience a wide array of health benefits and also open up your heart-centre and allow for deeper connection and energetic healing to occur. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Cacao opens the heart chakra and creates a sense of non-psychedelic euphoria and bliss throughout the body through its rich content of mood-enhancing compounds and neurotransmitters like serotonin, tryptophan and dopamine
  • Cacao contains anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants which may reduce the likelihood of strokes, heart disease, and digestive issues 
  • According to studies by Harvard, just 2 cups of cacao a day can increase blood flow to the brain and improve memory while preventing Alzheimer’s
  • Cacao can assist in the healing of sexual trauma through the release of phenethylamine, which triggers the release of endorphins and pleasurable opium-like neuro-chemicals which are naturally released when we are in love or aroused. Creating these states in a safe ceremonial space can allow us to open ourselves up to greater self-love, pleasure and intimacy.
  • Cacao contains one of the highest concentrations of iron and magnesium and contains more calcium than cow’s milk as well as containing 40 x the amount of antioxidants as berries.
  • Cacao also supports you in your journey into the world of the subconscious where you will be able to meet yourself with greater love and compassion as you heal the wounds of the past and connect with newfound passion and inspiration.

how i work with mama cacao to connect with my sense of purpose and passion daily:

My journey with Mama Cacao began 7 months ago as I immersed myself in the soul-medicine of connecting back into the wisdom of my womb during my work with the medicine wheel. Cacao called out to me during a vision quest meditation and since inviting her gentle, but powerful spirit to join me in ceremony – my life has shifted in immeasurable ways. From the moment I sat in guided ceremony with her, I knew that my heart had been opened.

Working with cacao in ceremony is a very personal experience and there is no right or wrong way to sit in ceremony with her. All that matters is that you approach her with reverence and open heart each time you call on her. As cacao is seen by many as a heart-medicine I believe that each of us will have our own unique way of connecting with her – a gentle calling in our hearts.

I connect with Mama Cacao intuitively and sit in ceremony with her throughout my week. I love to begin my day in stillness, seated on the floor with a candle and a cup of cacao at my heart. I allow her to guide me and open my heart to any new insights, visions, and messages she has to share with me in my life and my business.


my daily cacao practice:

  1.  I begin my day by opening the windows and allowing light and fresh air to wash over my sacred space. I often burn sage leaves which I pick and dry from my own soul-garden. Other times I feel called to work with the beautiful fragrant Palo Santo to cleanse my body and my space.
  2.  As I become conscious of my body, I begin to bring my awareness to raising a gentle and loving vibration of gratitude as I prepare my cup of cacao. With each step of the preparation process I infuse my love, gratitude and desire into my cup of cacao. (See preparation instructions below)
  3.  I begin in a seated position with my cup of cacao pressed warmly against my heart. I breathe, slowly, as I begin to sink deeper and deeper into my body. 
  4. When I am fully open, I envision a golden ball of light gently encompassing my heart space. I imagine this ball of light growing with each breath, expanding as it radiates outward until it is completing covering the cup of cacao against my chest.
  5. I breathe into this space with the awareness that my heart is now open to receiving the medicine and wisdom cacao has to share with me. 
  6. Next, I begin to connect with 3 things I am grateful for – envisioning them in vibrant colour and embodying all of the emotion that encompasses this visualisation.  All emotions are welcome here and I allow myself to feel them fully.
  7. Once my heart is pulsing with love and gratitude I slowly bring my cup of cacao to my forehead and place it over my third eye. Here I hold a sacred conversation with mama cacao as I share my prayers, my hopes, my dreams and my fears. I ask Mama Cacao to guide me and offer me her support. I also offer a prayer to her for humanity.
  8. I slowly bring my cup of cacao down beneath my nose as I breathe in her decadent aroma. Slowly, mindfully, I reverently sip my cup of cacao.
  9. I allow this process to be guided intuitively and I’ll use this energy to journal, to connect with my tarot and oracle cards, meditate on my vision for my business, cry, or even play some gentle music and dance. I allow myself to move through all the visions and emotions that she brings up for me. You can incorporate the use of instruments, sound, art, movement or love-making in your personal ceremony.
  10. Lastly, I finish by closing sacred space and thanking mama Cacao for allowing me to journey with her. 

Megan's favourite cacao-tonic

1 tbsp of cacao/42g of ceremonial grade cacao +
Pinch of cinnamon
Pinch of cayenne pepper
Pinch of ginger powder
Half cup of hot water
Add coconut sugar or raw honey to sweeten
Add a pinch of salt for a richer chocolate taste

where to find cacao:

International: Keith’s Cacao
South Africa: Click here to get 30% off your first order.

a note on healing crisis:

Cacao is a gentle but powerful medicine and it should always be handled with care and love during your ceremony. As cacao is so rich in antioxidants and various other healing compounds it may elicit a healing crisis in some people at the start of your journey. You may experience detox symptoms such as nausea, or a headache as you begin to journey with cacao. Please make sure to consume at least 2l of water on the days you choose to journey with cacao. Listen to your body’s wisdom and consider starting your journey with a lower dose as you build your relationship with cacao.

want to journey deeper?