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The accountability, strategies and support to help you build and book out a premium flagship offer for your coaching or online service-based biz – in as little as 2 hours a day. 

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Hey Bossbabe,

The secret to a fully booked client schedule is pretty simple…

You Need:

➡️ A sexy, sustainable business model

➡️ A ‘take my money’ offer with a clear promise

➡️ ONE simple client getting strategy that works for YOU

➡️ To take action daily

➡️ Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Profit.

the problem is that most coaches & service based bossbabes simply don’t do the four things that will take them from overlooked to fully booked…

You're right...

Here’s where it all goes pear shaped

If you’re like most coaches and bossbabes I know, chances are that you’ve got a few client attraction strategies under your belt.

Maybe you enrolled in a bunch of $10k ‘guru’ programs that promised you the next MAGIC strategy that was guaranteed to have people throwing their credit cards at you…

Or maybe you’re trying to piece together some semblance of a strategy from the hundreds of client attraction freebies sitting in your inbox right now while you spend hours trolling through Facebook groups to find answers – only to end up with more questions than clarity.

And every single time you start to build momentum....

queue the shiny object syndrome…

The result? You find yourself changing your focus for the milionth time in a month and you end your days with a to-do list longer than the one you started with. 

The worst part of it all?

You’re probably still no closer to smashing your client goals.

You – 0.

Shiny Object Syndrome – 1.

I'm going to let you in on a crazy little secret...

(most marketers would literally hunt me down if they knew what i was about to share with you)

Most of the time, the strategy isn’t the problem.

That’s right. There are hundreds of ways to fill your schedule with clients.

There is no ONE ‘right way’ to build a thriving business.

And clever marketers will do everything they can to convince you that their strategy is the ONE missing piece that will finally take your business to new heights – but the truth is…

Most coaches and service based bossbabes feel like NOTHING is working all because of one simple problem… 

lack of consistent implementation of one proven strategy over time.

Maybe you thought your strategy was the problem – so you jumped into another premium business coaching container only to be totally overloaded with new high-level strategies.

#informationoverload + #analysisparalysis

Or maybe you just dropped $10k expecting to learn new skills only to wind up hearing the EXACT same strategy again – and you still find yourself unable to book out your client spaces…

Heck, at this point you may have even paid for gorgeous branding and an expensive website hoping that this would finally fix your client attraction issue only to realize that pretty doesn’t equal profitable.

Hello major frustration…

After working with multiple 7-figure coaches and over 100 entrepreneurs here’s what I learned…

Most premium coaching programs rock it when it comes to training and cutting-edge high-level strategies.

But most of these ‘premium’ programs will leave you high and dry when it comes to simple daily action steps and accountability.

So if you’re feeling stuck right now, ready to pull out your hair because nothing seems to be working, I want you to know that it isn’t your fault. 

what you really need is:

✅ A simple strategy that works

✅ Major accountability so you can take consistent action over time and see kick-ass results

✅ Mentorship opportunities so you can continue to sharpen your skillset

I'm not supposed to tell you this but...

I’ve been where you are.

As a marketer, I had loads of strategies to work with.

And I absolutely knew what to do to bring in cash and clients.

Heck, I’d even hit my first $10k month just 9 months into opening my coaching business while working just 3-4 days a week.

But I somehow found myself constantly distracted and not moving forward.

I was like the proverbial ADD kid of the entrepreneurial world.

And I could just not get myself to sit down and do ‘the thing’.

At some point I had even managed to convince myself that I had no idea how to book clients because I was drowning in information overload and not implementing any of the stuff I was learning… 

it was only when i discovered this one secret, that my business began to explode…

I realized that the results I wanted to create started with daily actions.

And I knew I needed a way to stay accountable in a BIG way so I actually followed through on those actions.

So I started to leverage my community and added a little friendly ‘peer pressure’ to the mix. 

Instead of relying on willpower and self-discipline to stay consistent, (which only worked some of the time) I focused on committing to OTHER PEOPLE.

I joined group implementation sessions to start getting sh*t done in my business. 

I gamified my experience by leveraging group energy, timers and rewards.

I stopped trying to fight my own physchology and instead focused on leveraging what humans do best – rocking it with our tribe.

The result?

Rockstar level consistent implementation for the first time in my life. 

Major cash and client wins.

And huge amounts of time leftover because I no longer spent hours procrastinating on the needle movers.

so instead of promising you another shiny strategy, i’m putting my money where my action is…

I re-vamped my signature client attraction experience to focus on just these few things

✅ Simple, clear daily action steps

✅ Real support

✅ Rockstar accountability

✅ And the simple strategies to make it all happen


and i’m inviting a small group of coaches and service based bossbabes to implement with me in real time…

We’re going to focus on creating results TOGETHER in real time inside The Booked Out Beautifully Experience.

I’ll be pulling back the curtain on exactly what it takes to achieve a fully-booked client roster with enough time leftover to enjoy it all.

You’re going to learn everything you need to go from A to Booked Out Beautifully.

And we’re going to roll up our sleeves and dig into the work TOGETHER.

The booked out beautifully experience is not:

❌ Another stack of video training with no real support

❌ One of those high-priced $10k mortage your house kinda investments

❌ The kind of program where you’ll be squashed into a container with 200 other entrepreneurs and left to fend for yourself #welcometothewildwest

❌ A 6 week mad-rush crash course in getting booked with premium clients with no lasting support or time to integrate

❌ One of those motivational programs that gets you psyched without giving you any real strategy or action steps

The booked out beautifully experience is :

✅ The perfect space to implement with entrepreneurs who are growing too

✅ The strategy, support and accountability program you need to design a ‘take my money’ offer, book more calls and close more clients with grace and confidence.

✅ The space to get your questions answered in real-time so you stay in momentum in all areas in your business

✅ Your roadmap for exactly what to do every single day (in less than 2 hours a day) to get booked with clients

✅ Perfect for entrepreneurs who want to make more and work less by leveraging proven systems that get results instead of reinventing the wheel

✅ A complete and holistic system to generate leads, sell confidently and deliver a kick-ass experience to your clients

The Booked Out Beautifully Experience

here’s what you’ll receive inside

The Booked Out Beautifully Experience

skills training

Fully equipped video vault containing the Booked Out Beautifully Roadmap & Resources

weekly support calls

Live zoom calls to get support and mentorship when you need it most

3 x weekly implementation sessions

Live zoom implementation sessions where we focus on getting it done – together!

More powerful wins submitted by my incredible clients

- Screenshots directly from our accountability threads -

bonuses included with

The Booked Out Beautifully Experience

project streamline & simplify (begins september 2022)

Our signature mini program pulling back the curtain on hacking a 3-4 day work week while scaling your income. It’s time to reclaim your time.

(valued at $997)

the affluence academy (begins january 2023)

Energy is the name of the game. Get ready to untangle your wealth wounds, level up your money mindset and tap into the energy of affluence inside this live experience. 

(valued at $997)


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✅ 3 x weekly Get Sh*t Done Implementation sessions where we work on cash creation activities – TOGETHER (Valued at $2997 per month)

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✅ Intimate group with plenty of high-touch coaching opportunities

✅ BONUS private 1:1 Profit Launchpad session with Megan to set you up for success (Valued at $597)

✅ BONUS access to the Streamline & Simplify Program (Valued at $997)

✅ BONUS access to the Affluence Academy Program (Valued at $997)

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