The Booked Out Beautifully Experience

The accountability, strategies and support to help you build and book out a premium flagship offer for your coaching or online service-based biz – in as little as 2 hours a day.

From overlooked to fully booked

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Discover the 4 simple secrets that hundreds of entrepreneurs have used to get booked out beautifully and how I can support you to smash your cash and client goals in this program.

Hey rockstar, any of these sound familiar?

This Could Be Your Experience

Imagine this

What you need is a simple business roadmap, the accountability and support to help you design and book out a premium signature offer -so you can earn more, work less, and live more.

I’m all about slow mornings and living a full ‘unbusy’ abundant life

What’s Inside?

The Program Specifics


take a peek at the curriculum

skills training vault and resources

Fully equipped video vault containing the Booked Out Beautifully core curriculum and resources which can be completed in as little as 9 weeks so you can start seeing results ASAP.

monthly live support calls

Live monthly zoom calls to get support and mentorship when you need it most so you’re clear and confident on your next steps to thrive. Can’t make a call? No problem get support and get your questions answered in our community anytime!

3 x weekly implementation sessions

Livestreamed implementation co-working sessions where we all focus on doing the work -together so you don’t have to feel like it’s you against the world while you grow your business.

client wins

This program is for you if:

This program isn't for you if:

Hey there, I'm Megan

After escaping my 6-day a week 9-5 retail job I began my adventure on the road to entrepreneurship with no degree, no startup capital and no idea how to make it happen. 

Fast forward 6 years (+ heaps of persistence) and I’ve helped hundreds of clients from around the world to master the art of client attraction, and design lives they love around thriving and sustainable businesses that allow them to make more, and work less so they can live more. Hello, 3-day work week and full bank – and heck yes to normalizing big money and big impact in the hands of change-makers. 

I’ve been mentored by multi-million-dollar entrepreneurs and have invested heavily in my growth in the areas of business building, branding, organic marketing, sales and EFT to support my clients to rapidly accelerate their cash and impact.

And I can’t wait to share everything I’ve learned with you to help you reach your next level of success.

Let’s Make Magic Together

client wins

Hey Rockstar,

The secret to a fully booked client schedule is pretty simple…

You Need:

➡️ A sexy, sustainable business model

➡️ A ‘take my money’ offer that promises a clear result

➡️ ONE simple client getting system that works for YOU and your unique strengths

➡️ To take action daily

➡️ Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Profit.

the problem is that most coaches & service based bossbabes simply don’t do the four things that will take them from overlooked to fully booked…

You're right...

Here’s where it all goes pear shaped

If you’re like most coaches and service-based bossbabes I know, chances are that you’ve got a few client attraction strategies under your belt.

Maybe you enrolled in a bunch of $10k ‘guru’ programs that promised you the next MAGIC strategy that was guaranteed to have people throwing their credit cards at you…

Or maybe you’re trying to piece together some semblance of a strategy from the hundreds of client attraction freebies sitting in your inbox right now while you spend hours trolling through Facebook groups to find answers – only to end up with more questions than clarity.

And every single time you start to build momentum....

queue the shiny object syndrome…

The result? You find yourself changing your focus for the milionth time in a month and you end your days with a to-do list longer than the one you started with. 

The worst part of it all?

You’re probably still no closer to smashing your client goals.

You – 0.

Shiny Object Syndrome – 1.

I'm going to let you in on a crazy little secret...

(most marketers would literally hunt me down if they knew what i was about to share with you)

Most of the time, the strategy isn’t the problem.

That’s right. There are hundreds of ways to fill your schedule with clients.

There is no ONE ‘right way’ to build a thriving business.

And clever marketers will do everything they can to convince you that their strategy is the ONE missing piece that will finally take your business to new heights – but the truth is…

Most coaches and service based bossbabes feel like NOTHING is working all because of one simple problem… 

lack of consistent implementation of one proven client getting system over time.

Maybe you thought your strategy was the problem – so you jumped into another premium business coaching container only to be totally overloaded with new high-level strategies.

#informationoverload + #analysisparalysis

Or maybe you just dropped $10k expecting to learn new skills only to wind up hearing the EXACT same strategy again – and you still find yourself unable to book out your client spaces…

Heck, at this point you may have even paid for gorgeous branding and an expensive website hoping that this would finally fix your client attraction issue only to realize that pretty doesn’t equal profitable.

Hello major frustration…

After working with multiple 7-figure coaches and over 100 entrepreneurs here’s what I learned…

Most premium coaching programs rock it when it comes to training and cutting-edge high-level strategies.

But most of these ‘premium’ programs will leave you high and dry when it comes to simple daily action steps and accountability.

They’re all about big-picture strategies – and leave out all the details on how to actually apply this stuff every single day.

What’s worse, some mentors are still profiting off teaching strategies that worked for them (10 years ago) but aren’t creating the same results for their clients today.

So if you’re feeling stuck right now, ready to pull out your hair because nothing seems to be working, I want you to know that it isn’t your fault. 

what you really need is:

✅ A simple client getting system that works for you (that’s a fit for your unique strengths, abilities and personality)

✅ Major opportunities for accountability so you can take consistent action over time and see kick-ass results

✅ Mentorship opportunities so you can continue to sharpen your skillset and get answers when you need them most so you can keep compounding your skillset and get booked with more and more ease

I'm not supposed to tell you this but...

I’ve been where you are.

As a marketer, I had loads of strategies to work with.

And I absolutely knew what to do to bring in cash and clients.

Heck, I’d even hit my first $10k month just 9 months into opening my coaching business while working just 3-4 days a week.

But I somehow found myself constantly distracted and not moving forward.

I was like the proverbial ADD kid of the entrepreneurial world.

And I could just not get myself to sit down and do ‘the thing’.

At some point I had even managed to convince myself that I had no idea how to book clients because I was drowning in information overload and not implementing any of the stuff I was learning… 

here’s the truth… (*I’m Spilling all the tea)

The number one reason that I couldn’t get consistent enough to reach my next level in business was because I was HATING the the system I was using to find clients.

You see, I’d spent a fortune to work with 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs and learn the ‘secrets’ behind their success.

I left with powerful strategies and systems to book clients – and they worked – like a charm.

But I had to force my way through them every single time because they just didn’t feel like ‘me’.

And every time I sat down to market my business I cringed at the thought of having to spend 4 hours generating leads, cold messaging or having to post a video of me dancing on TikTok.

You see, I’m a total introvert.

And I was trying to show up in the world Gary-V style. 

And as a result of being completely misaligned with the strategies I was trying to force on my business, I unconsciously kept looking for other ways to market myself. 

The result?

Major shiny object syndrome.

Massive information overload.

And inevitable analysis paralysis.

And while everything looked good on the outside  (I was booking a solid flow of clients and getting booked on international summits) I was also burnt out – like really burnt out.

You see the reason that people like Gary V are as successful as they are – is because they’ve built client attraction systems that are a match for their unique strengths and personalities.

This is why what works for your industry guru – may not work for you!


it was only when i discovered this one secret, that my business began to explode…

I knew there had to be another way.

So I started digging.

And one day I had the most incredible epiphany.

Instead of looking for another strategy or success ingredient, I had to understand the recipe.

I realized that building a solid client attraction system is a lot like making a great sandwich.

You see, years ago, one of my best buddies – who was an incredible chef – taught me that there is one simple formula to build a gourmet savoury sandwich every time.

But before I get into that, here’s why I think the world is obsessed with sandwiches:

1) You can customize them any way you like (Gluten free? No problem. Hate mayo? Use mustard instead. Keto? Swap the bread for lettuce or go low carb instead.)

2) There is a simple, but specific formula that just about guarantees a successful sandwich every single time.

And client attraction is no different.

A great client attraction plan should be:

1) Tailored to your strengths, abilities and personality

2) Comprised of only the success ingredients you need to see a specific result. Nothing more, nothing les


everything changed when i understood the sandwich formula

Once I understood this concept, everything changed for me.

I began to cut out all the unnecessary ‘ingredients’ that were on my sandwich.

And I began to add back only the ingredients that I loved.

Even though there were ingredients that had previously ‘worked’ I replaced them with ingredients that I enjoyed more that could serve the same function (kind of like swapping English Mustard out for home-made mayo).

The result?

I was able to get super consistent for the first time in my life.

I no longer felt the urge to jump onto every single new and shiny platform (yes I’m talking about you TikTok).

I no longer felt compelled to invest all my hard earned cash into learning the latest marketing strategy.

Because I had a system in place that worked for ME and I had built out all the key success ingredients to make it work.

All that was left to do was take action consistently.

And continue to master my skillset.

Booking clients became about washing, rinsing and repeating the custom system I had built.

And once I’d built a habit out of those aligned daily actions, it all started to feel quite effortless.

So effortless in fact, that I managed to book out all my coaching spaces with a 6 month waiting list while working just 3 days a week. Yep – you heard me right.


so instead of promising you another shiny strategy I’m going to do you one better…

I re-vamped my signature client attraction experience to focus on just these few things

✅ Helping you build out your very own simple, clear client attraction game-plan with easy to action daily steps (instead of giving you another cookie-cutter framework)

✅ Real support

✅ Rockstar level accountability

✅ And the simple strategies to make it all happen


and i’m inviting a small group of coaches and service based bossbabes to implement with me in real time…

We’re going to focus on creating results TOGETHER in real time inside The Booked Out Beautifully Experience.

I’ll be pulling back the curtain on exactly what it takes to achieve a fully-booked client roster with enough time leftover to enjoy it all.

You’re going to learn everything you need to go from A to Booked Out Beautifully.

And we’re going to roll up our sleeves and dig into the work TOGETHER.

The booked out beautifully experience is not:

❌ Another stack of video training with no real support

❌ One of those high-priced $10k mortage your house kinda investments

❌ The kind of program where you’ll be squashed into a container with 200 other entrepreneurs and left to fend for yourself #welcometothewildwest

❌ A 6 week mad-rush crash course in getting booked with premium clients with no lasting support or time to integrate

❌ One of those motivational programs that gets you psyched without giving you any real strategy or action steps

The booked out beautifully experience is :

✅ The perfect space to implement with entrepreneurs who are growing too

✅ The strategy, support and accountability program you need to design a ‘take my money’ offer, book more calls and close more clients with grace and confidence.

✅ The space to get your questions answered in real-time so you stay in momentum in all areas in your business

✅ Your roadmap for exactly what to do every single day (in less than 2 hours a day) to get booked with clients

✅ Perfect for entrepreneurs who want to make more and work less by leveraging proven systems that get results instead of reinventing the wheel

✅ A complete and holistic system to generate leads, sell confidently and deliver a kick-ass experience to your clients

the booked out beautifullyguarantee

So you’ve reached this section of the page. You already know how much this experience could change the game for you in your business and life.
But maybe you’re still a little hesitant to jump right in.
Maybe you have some doubts.
Maybe you spent a small fortune working with other industry gurus and didn’t see the results you were hoping for.
So I’ve decided to support your decision to invest in this program by offering you a win-win guarantee.
This program works if you do.
So if you do the work, complete the assignments and show up to at least 80% of our support calls – and you still don’t see an improvement in your client flow – I’ll keep working with you for free until you do. It’s that simple.

Transparent, Affordable
Payment Plans

*We also run a scholarship initiative for participants from third world countries and those who would otherwise not be able to afford to experience this program. To enquire about our scholarships simply click the chat icon on the bottom right of the screen and leave us the word SCHOLARSHIP*

Paid In Full

Save $$$ By Paying In Full
$ 1197
  • Includes 6 months membership to the Booked Out Beautifully Experience
  • PLUS reeceive a BONUS 1:1 Profit Launchpad Session with Megan Chalidis (Valued at $597)

4 Month
Installment Plan

(4 x Payments of $310)
$ 310
  • Includes 6 months membership to the Booked Out Beautifully Experience

6 Month
Installment Plan

(6 x Payments of $207)
$ 207
  • Includes 6 months membership to the Booked Out Beautifully Experience

✅ Get access to the Booked Out Beautifully Methodology (Valued at $4997)

✅ All the tools and training you need to build a take my money offer, book calls and close clients on repeat in as little as 2 hours a day

✅ Monthly Live Q&A + Momentum calls to get your questions answered in real time (Valued at $997 per month)

✅ 3 x weekly Get Sh*t Done Implementation Party sessions where we work on cash creation activities – TOGETHER, co-working style (Valued at $2997 per month)

✅ Private community group for support and accountability

✅ Intimate group with plenty of high-touch coaching opportunities

✅ BONUS private 1:1 Profit Launchpad session with Megan to set you up for success (Valued at $597)

✅ BONUS access to the Streamline & Simplify Program (Valued at $997)

✅ The opportunity to win bonus support and access to additional content all for participating in the group (Valued at $997)

Apply Now

still on the fence? check out the


This program runs all throughout the year. Your time inside this container begins when you sign up and ends at the end of your 6-month period. Still want to continue the party? No sweat – you can renew your time inside this container at any point.

I don’t believe we find things on our path by accident. So if you’re here there’s a reason for that.
You’re here because you’re ready for an uplevel in your life and business.
You’re ready to reach your next level in income, impact and lifestyle freedom.
You’re ready for more cash in the bank, more lives changed, and more time to enjoy this one precious life of yours.
The question is not whether now is a good time to jump in – it’s really about understanding what it’s costing you for things to stay the same.
Remember, there’s never going to be a perfect time to get started. The stars won’t ever perfectly align for you.
It’s up to you to decide that today is the day that you step into the kind of business and lifestyle others could only dream of.
Or – spend another year watching others from the sidelines and wishing things were different.
If you’re here on this page, chances are you’re already feeling a little overwhelmed with everything that’s required to grow a successful lifestyle business.
My intention inside this container is to support you to step out of overwhelm and into clarity and confident action.
That being said, work is still required for you to reach your goals.
I recommend setting aside 3-4 hours a week to focus on both learning and implementing.
The truth is, your business and the time you have available to work on it is unique to you.
I have had some students take a full 6 months to complete the content – and I’ve had others complete it in as little as 9 weeks.
This container is set up for you to win regardless of how fast or slow you go – however, success loves speed. So I would encourage you to set aside at least a few hours a week for your growth.
Let’s face it, these days you can find almost anything on Youtube.
There are tonnes of free resources all over the internet that claim to reveal the one and only strategy you need to finally get booked and build the business of your dreams.
The problem with most of these resources is that they’re often conflicting and only present a piece of the puzzle as opposed to a complete system.
And when you’re jumping from resource to resource – this leaves you with a stack of different puzzle pieces as you try to piece together the picture. Somehow they don’t quite seem to fit, and as soon as you feel that you’ve ‘locked in’a section of the puzzle, you find a new piece that seems to fit a little better.
Queue the confusion, info-overload and analysis paralysis.
Unfortunately, what you don’t know, is that all the pieces are from different puzzle sets, and trying to build one cohesive picture from all these pieces is, well – difficult.
Investing in a program like this provides you with a complete system which has the potential to shave years off your business growth journey.
You won’t have to waste time battling with competing strategies or trying to piece the puzzle together yourself.
Plus, you’ll get to have your questions answered by an actual human when you need clarity.
A human that’s built not one, but two successful full-time businesses.
The short answer – no.
I can’t guarantee your success anymore than I can guarantee that you wash your hands every single time you go to the bathroom.
Your success depends on a stack of factors, like your motivation, the time you have available to implement, previous skillsets you’ve acquired and more.
What I can do is provide you with the information, accountability and community that I believe are going to create the ideal environment for you to thrive – provided you put in the work.
On that note, what I am confident in, is my process which has been battle-tested with hundreds of entrepreneurs.
So if you put in the work, show up to the calls and lean in – and you still don’t see any improvement in your client flow, I’ll work with you free of charge until you do.
Absolutely, scroll up the page a little to check out our 4 and 6-month payment plans.
If these plans don’t work for you, we also offer financing opportunities that will allow you to pay off the program cost over a longer period of time.
To enquire about that, hit the chat button on the bottom right and drop me the word FINANCE – I’ll get you hooked up with the details.
Finally, we also offer scholarships to participants from third world countries and to those who would otherwise have been unable to take part in this experience. For the deets on this, drop me the word SCHOLARSHIP in the chat box.

Sure thing. Click on the chat icon on the bottom right and drop me a message with your questions. I’m happy to help you however I can.

Provided you’re a service-based business or coach – I’m solid that I can support you. I’ve worked with everyone from sexologists and business coaches to web-designers, NLP practitioners, shamanic workers, massage therapists, Bodytalk practitioners and everyone in between.
If you’re unsure about whether your niche would be a good fit, pop me a message in the chat on the bottom right of your screen.
This program is perfect for you, even if you’re just getting started.
If you have a solid business idea in mind and you’re fully committed to making your business work, we’d love to have you join us!
However, if you’re still sitting on the fence in terms of your commitment to becoming a successful entrepreneur, or you have no idea what your business will be about, I recommend spending some more time reflecting before jumping into this container.
After you’ve applied your application will be reviewed by our team.
It’s really important to us that we accept only the right applicants for the energy of this container.
You’ll then receive an email from us letting you know if your application was successful.
Successful applicants will then be booked in for a 15-minute video call where we’ll be able to answer any last questions you have about the program before getting you enrolled.
After you’ve been enrolled you’ll receive a welcome pack with all the details you’ll need to get started.
You’ll receive immediate access to the core curriculum and our support community.
You’ll receive all the details on our next support call date so you can jump right in.
You’ll also be booked in for a 15-minute onboarding call with us where we’ll show you the ropes and help you make yourself at home inside our container.

Absolutely! There are loads of opportunities to get support inside this container. I’m in the group answering questions and reviewing assignments throughout the week. Need a higher level of support? No problem. Jump on our monthly Q&A Zoom session to get all your questions face to face. If you can’t make the live session you’ll have the opportunity to post your questions, have them answered and catch the recording anytime.

That’s exactly why we offer two instalment plans. When you join The Booked Out Beautifully Experience™, you can choose to join on a four or six-part instalment plan.
If these plans don’t work for you, we also offer financing opportunities that will allow you to pay off the program cost over a longer period of time.
To enquire about that, hit the chat button on the bottom right and drop me the word FINANCE – I’ll get you hooked up with the details.
Finally, we also offer scholarships to participants from third world countries and to those who would otherwise have been unable to take part in this experience. For the deets on this, drop me the word SCHOLARSHIP in the chat box.
We’ve created this container with the intention of fostering sustainable growth for you and your business.
I’ve personally been in containers that were only a few weeks long – which created a ton of pressure to speed through the content – with no time leftover to integrate or ask questions.
In light of this, I’ve expanded this container to 6 months so you can work through the content at your own pace, regardless of the time you have available.
Want to finish all the content in 9 weeks? No problem. You’ll have even more time to get support while you implement and compound your skillsets.
Want to use up the entire 6 month period to work through the content? Also perfect. This means that if you’re working full time and wanting to transition into your business, you won’t feel like you’re behind on the content and you’ll still get all the support you need along the way.