Better Together

Hey beautiful warrior,

Building a business is hard. I mean really hard. Throwing a global pandemic into the mix? Now we’re playing on nightmare mode.

And when you’re showing up and changing lives through running your own business – jumping on the resignation bus isn’t exactly an option.

Over the past year I’ve spoken to hundreds of entrepreneurs who all share the same sentiment.

They’re burnout AF.

And the truth is that over the past couple of years, many people fell totally out of love with their businesses.

I believe burnout is caused by one single thing:

Repeatedly neglecting your needs and desires over a sustained period of time.

Totally unsexy, right?

And when we’re not operating from a space of nourishment, joy, and purpose – everything else suffers – and resentment runs the show in our businesses.

And let’s face it – resentment and resistance don’t exactly scream – Hire me – I love what I do.

When we’re burnt out our entire body resists putting in the work – and the stuff that once inspired us leaves us feeling kinda heavy.

So we slip into patterns of avoidance which only compound the stress we feel in the day to day running of our business – leaving us feeling like we might be better suited to running away and setting up shop in an abandoned cave in the Himalayas.

This is not good news when it comes to doing what’s required to run a thriving business.

That’s why I created Better Together.

A 7-day virtual retreat for entrepreneurs who want to nourish their spirits, restore their energy and reignite the love affairs they once felt for their businesses.

Things are hard right now – but it’s my promise to you that you CAN reclaim joy, pleasure, play (and profit) in your business.

So I’ve put together a toolkit full of supportive, playful, nourishing thought exercises and activities to help restore your energy and your love for your business

Here's what you'll receive:

Here's what you need: