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Learning to Ask for help

Shorts – For When You Only have a Minute

“I wanted to close my business. At least 100 times.”

This is the part of running a successful business that people aren’t that likely to tell you.

It’s hard. There are going to be many times where you feel like giving up on yourself. Your friends and family may think that you’ve gone crazy.

People will reject you.

There are going to be times where you might have even thought that it’s time to put things aside and go and find yourself a ‘real job’.

I’ve been there. And let me tell you why it took me so long to figure things out and build the successful, abundant business I have today.

I was scared to ask for help at the beginning of my journey.

I believed that business was something I needed to figure out on my own and that mentorship was only for the people who were failing at life and business. I believed that business was something we should just know how to do and I tried to do it all with a great amount of pride – even when I was failing forward.

I could not have been more wrong.

Today, I acknowledge that mentorship and learning from others are integral parts of running a successful business and there is absolutely no shame in asking for help where you need it.

In fact, I invest heavily in my own growth to ensure that I am able to give my clients the lightest, boldest version of me I can share with them.


Where are you being called to step out of the ego and ask for support today?

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