Top 5 Tools That Every New Business Owner Needs

Starting a business is a thrilling adventure. Things can, however, become overwhelming when it comes to managing every aspect of your business – from client onboarding to service providing and accounting. As a ‘solopreneur’ or a new start-up, the chances are that you’re likely going to have to manage all these new roles alone, or with a limited team. Here are some of the top 5 tools that every new business owner should have in their arsenal.

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1. A Spelling And Grammar Assistant/Checker

Content truly is king, and your content speaks volumes to your potential clients about the quality of your business. Spelling and grammatical errors are a no-go if you want people to perceive your business and brand as being professional. The content that others will use to determine how they see your business is everywhere. It’s in the emails you write, the social media ‘tweets’ you post, your website copy, and in any print-marketing material that you share – to name a few. It’s imperative that you make a good impression with text that is clean, clear and free of error. 

Our Recommendation: Grammarly

Grammarly is currently one of the most popular grammar and spell-checkers on the market, and they offer a variety of solutions to suit your needs. You can use the software online or download their desktop application. Checking your writing has never been easier! Copy and paste your text into the Grammarly App, and it will automatically detect grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes in your writing. 

Grammarly also offers extensions for both Chrome and Firefox which allow you to check your writing directly from your browser. This feature will enable you to check everything from emails to social media posts without leaving the webpage you’re on. (Because we all know that there’s nothing worse than sending an email to a potential client only to realise that there’s a glaringly obvious spelling mistake that you spotted too late.)

Price: Grammarly offers both free and premium versions of their software, which makes them the ideal solution for new business owners and avid writers alike.

2. Basic Accounting Software

If you want to stay in control of your business and hit your financial targets, it’s essential for you to understand precisely where your money is going. 

To do this, you’ll need to record your month-to-month business expenses and income using accounting software. You don’t need to be a finance guru or an accountant to understand the essential financial health of your business. There are plenty of easy software solutions on the market that are designed to meet you wherever you are on your business journey.

Getting into a habit of tracking your business finances from the get-go will not only help you to understand where your business is succeeding, but the information shown will also equip you to make better business decisions down the line. 

If you’d like to find out more about how to manage your income as a new business owner or freelancer, check out our blog post here.

Our Recommendation: Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting is a fantastic piece of software for new business owners and freelancers. Its visually intuitive dashboard will help you to manage your money regardless of how in-depth your understanding of accounting. Not only are you able to view reports on your expenditure and earnings, but you’ll also be able to send professional branded invoices to your clients – and keep track of their payments all in one place. 

Price: Wave is also absolutely free to use, and they offer loads of free resources to help you understand accounting.

3. A Project Management Tool

As a business owner or freelancer, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of items on your to-do-list. Not only do you need to provide exceptional service to your clients every step of the way, but you also need to stay sane and organised while doing so! Project management tools and dashboards can help you to stay organised even when you’re juggling a variety of tasks, clients or projects.

Our Recommendation: ASANA

ASANA is a project management dashboard that allows you to organise all your projects, tasks, and team members all in one place. Its easy-to-navigate interface enables users to create to-do-lists, assign particular responsibilities to team members, manage their calendars and have conversations all in one spot. ASANA allows users to organise their projects into boards or lists, and even sends helpful reminders to let you know when particular tasks are overdue!

Whether you need to plan your next product launch with your team or organise your thoughts and images for your next blog post, then ASANA may be the solution for you.

Price: ASANA offers both free and premium monthly subscriptions. Their free plan is fantastic for ‘solopreneurs’ and small teams, however, their premium plans have a whole host of features that are essential for growing businesses. 

4. Email Marketing Software

  1. According to the latest in marketing research, email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to transform your leads from interested bystanders to red-hot active buyers. Starting an email list from the beginning of your business will ensure that you always have a list of interested individuals that you can utilise to market your business. 

    Sending out regular email newsletters not only reminds old clients about your business but can also convince potential leads to become regular paying customers (with the right strategies in place). Email newsletters are a great way to let people know about up-and-coming specials, product launches, and new blog posts. The best part about email marketing? – it’s essentially free once you have an active email list (as opposed to paying for leads via Facebook, for example.)

Our Recommendation: SendInBlue

SendinBlue is a fantastic all in one email marketing tool that covers email marketing, SMS marketing, email automation and Facebook retargeting advertisements all on one user-friendly platform. It’s the ideal solution for anyone looking to create a basic email list – and send designer, personalised emails to this list – but it’s also an incredible tool for those looking for a more advanced marketing automation solution.

SendInBlue’s easy to use templates make creating professional email marketing campaigns and landing pages a breeze. All that you require to get started is a webpage for your business. Don’t have one yet? Contact Minerva Designs today for affordable and effective web design solutions.

Price: SendinInBlue offers both free and premium plans, which depend entirely on the number of emails that you need to send every month. Their free plan is ideal for most small business owners as it allows you to send 300 emails per day, and their premium plans are by far some of the most cost-effective on the market (in comparison to options like MailChimp).

5. Appointment Booking Software

How many times have you and your client found yourselves spending 30 minutes trying to organise a time to meet when it suits you both? As your business begins to grow, you’ll understand that every minute spent on a low-value task is a minute less spent on a high-value task. Consider automating your appointment booking system so that you can spend more time on the high-value tasks that keep your business running. 

Our Recommendation: Appointy

Appointy is an appointment booking and management dashboard that allows your clients to book meetings with you or your team members. Decide on your working hours and appointment offerings, set up the process, and sit back while Appointy guides your clients through the appointment booking process with ease. Send your clients the link to your bookings portal and Appointy will take care of the rest. You’ll never have to worry about double-booking a client again! It is also incredibly easy for you or your clients to reschedule their appointments. 

Price: Appointy offers free and premium plans. If you plan to use it for basic meetings then the free plan should suffice, however, the premium plan allows you to manage multiple team members and offerings. Appointy’s premium plans will even allow you to offer your services (with different descriptions, costs and durations), and you’ll be able to accept payment from your clients as soon as they make their bookings. Appointy is a fantastic tool for anyone in a service based industry, as well as those who want to manage their meeting schedules with ease. 

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